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Unlock the Power to Predict Time

Get ready to fool your friends and blow their minds. Encased inside your T-Watch is a secret that gives you the ability to perform miracles. 

Oh, and this can be used as an everyday watch, it even keeps perfect time. 

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  • Perform Totally Solo

    That's right - perform without assistance. Multiple performance modes are included for acting solo or with an accomplice.

  • Spectator Can Hold The Watch

    The spectator can hold onto the watch for the entire performance - you can even stand on the other side of the room.

  • Perform Surrounded

    Perfect on stage, close-up, at school or even on the streets. You can perform totally surrounded with spectators at every angle. 

  • Works up to 10 Metres

    With a Bluetooth range is 6-10 metres, the Bluetooth ghosts when connected so no one else can find it. 

  • Apple & Android

    We built two identical apps: for iOS Apple Devices and Android. Get them now, totally free, in the app stores today. 

  • Keeps Perfect Time

    With this as your new Everyday Watch, you will always be ready to perform miracles. Designed to appear exactly like an analogue watch.

  • Normal Watch Cell Battery

    There are no annoying charging cables. The watch runs off a powerful battery cell. Track the level in the app and replace it like any other watch.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Gain access to our secret group, where you can discuss and develop great performance ideas with our community. 

  • 20 Minute HD Tutorial

    Learn everything you need to know in a video walk-through from Chris James. You also get written instructions with illustrations. 

  • Works Worldwide

    This product and app are available to use across the globe and it works in every language. We ship internationally with DHL and USPS.

  • No Internet Connection Needed

    The watch connects directly to your phone and is invisible to other devices. You can perform with this in every venue.

  • Patent Pending Product

    This item, a seemingly analogue watch connected to an app or remote for magic performances, is a patent pending product. 

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Regular price $368.00

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  • Andy Nyman

    "I can't believe it! A beautiful, elegant watch that I would wear - even without it's secret."

  • Patrick Kun

    "Something James Bond would wear. An innocent looking watch that is far from innocent. A miracle you can carry with you at all times."

  • Justin Flom

    Perfect. I am always ready to perform television quality mentalism with this on my wrist.”

  • Ran Pink

    "Now I am ready for powerful magic anytime, and my apple watch lives on my nightstand."

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When will this be back in stock?

Sign up to the mailing list above to find out.

Can I perform this Solo?

Yes you can. The App includes multiple input modes for performing Solo or with an Accomplice. 

Does my Watch come with a Warranty?

Yes. Your watch comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty starting the date of delivery that covers any and all manufacturing defects. All watches will be inspected and hand tested for quality assurance before delivery. If there is a manufacturing fault that prevents you from performing, all you need to do is send it in, and we will repair or replace your watch for free.

When will I receive my Watch?

All orders ship within one working day. Depending on your location and order date, you might receive your watch as soon as tomorrow. Choose from multiple shipping providers and options including tracked, signed and priority at check out. We ship worldwide. Every effort has been taken to package and ship your Turner Watch safely, whilst keeping shipping fees as low as possible. Shipping fees are determined automatically based on cart weight, size and final destination. The best way to confirm the cost of shipping is to add everything to cart and then view the checkout page. 

Does this work with Android too?

Yep. The Turner Watch is compatable with Android and Apple decives, worldwide. The apps are free to download and available now in the app stores. You need a Turner Watch to use the app.

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